(Book Review) Permanent Record

Permanent Record, despite the author’s being a well known personality, is not a fully coherent book. The book starts with Snowden’s life and progresses towards civil liberties in US not in straightforward manner. If you have followed up the revelations from 2013 then there is nothing new that is reveled... [Read More]
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Brewing the magic on Linux

Imagine you have to install an important package on a remote server to finish your project with deadline around the corner. What do you do? Just the good old sudo apt-get install ... does the magic but only if you have root access; something that system admins are unlikely to... [Read More]
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Rust error '...may not be used'

I have recently started to use the programming language Rust for some of the projects and, as would be expected from using new language, I end up encountering many errors. One of the most prominent of the errors is: [Read More]