Just found this links bookmarked while cleaning my Laptop links mess :P. The Lectures are from Indian Institute of Technology, Madaras (India) by Prof. V. Balakrishnan.

Prof. Balakrishnan does a remarkable job at explaining these confusing issues, avoiding common pitfalls; and he demonstartes honesty of not trying to sell the theory, avoiding the common “shut up and calculate” style that is very common (and which I am suffering in my undergraduate years). The lectures doesn’t uses any advanced mathematics and keeps at a complete basic and easily understandable level, and I think it should be understandable by anyone with a 'next to nothing' knowledge.

There are a total of 31 Lectures available online i.e. almost a 31 hours of fun:D Prof. V Balakrishnan certianly keeps the lectures intresting; certainly worth watching.


Note : Almost all the lectures are of around 1 hr so keep in mind you bandwidth, if any.