The article is titled 'Father of Computer' appeared in the newpaper 'Lokmat'; a local Marathi language paper on 15th June 2012 on supplement 6 written by Vijay Bhatkar. Firstly the article reports rather accurately, a rarity these days, the life of Alan Turing including his homosexuality and thus death.

I truly give points to Bhatkar for his daring of writing quite openly regarding the taboo subjects (in India atleast), specially about his (Turing's) sexual orientation. In the last paragraph, he gave a short and accurate note regarding the Turing Award. But after that the article says, and I quote,

Today this award is being awared to me. I have been invited for the award ceremony, I feel honored....

After going through this article, I immediately sought the contact details for the editor of the newspaper. I secured the e-mail contact but as expected it is non-functional and all the mails remain undelivered. I awaited for 2 week in the hope that Bhatkar would correct the article but all for naught.

While I have no problem with people writing faux articles for fame, Ankit Fadia coming at forth of my mind, I would have expected more courtesy from a person like Bhatkar. The disturbing thing being that majority of the people are starting to believe it, including to my disgust; some of the Professor of colleges around here and no matter what proof  happens to be provided, they are unwilling to admit their fault in believing a mere piece of article without checking it out, over anything.