This post is continuation of my previous post. Here are more useful simulations


Applets for Quantum Mechanics [Also in French]

This applet features illustrations of quantum mechanics through interactive animations in various topics including and certainly not limited to : Young interference fringes - Wave/particle duality in quantum mechanics, Exponential decays, quantum superposition in one and two dimensions, Spins 1/2, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance etc. This is one of the ultimate resource that is available, created by Manuel Joffre and hosted at Ecole Polytechnique.


The Quantum Bouncing Ball

This short movie shows "the evolution of a quantum-mechanical wavepacket bouncing on a hard surface under the influence of gravity. This sort of thing might actually be observed in the laboratory someday, by dropping ultracold atoms onto an atomic mirror." It is hosted by University of Arkansas and created by Julio Gea-Banacloche.


Visual Quantum Mechanics

Contains lots of excellent resources for everyone; for science and non-science students. It also has great resources for Upper-Grad quantum students. Created by Kansas State University Physics Education Research.


I will probably keep posting more resources in future, granted I can fully recover my bookmarks from my old crashed HDD :(