Recently, a team of physicists from Tsinghau University in China has succeeded in creating a device that is capable of routing quantum information. The device is capable of routing one qubit, for now. While the paper does not claim to be a solution for quantum internet, it certainly proves that routing the quantum data is possible and indeed bring dream of quantum internet one step close to reality.

Experimental demonstration of an entanglement-based quantum router


We report an experiment that demonstrates full function of a quantum router using entangled photons, where the paths of a single-photon pulse are controlled in a coherent fashion by polarization of another single photon. Through a projective measurement, we prepare the polarization of the control photon in arbitrary superposition states, leading to coherent routing of the target photon in quantum superposition of different paths. We demonstrate quantum nature of this router through optical measurements based on quantum state tomography and show an average fidelity of $(93.24\pm 0.23)%$ for the quantum routing operation.