I found this very interesting game, Quantum Chess. The goal of the game as opposed to normal chess is to capture the opposing king rather than checkmate. Other interesting thing about this chess is that when any piece lands on white square it remain in its 'classical state' but if it land on black square then it undergoes quantum transformation and regains a quantum superposition. It is pretty good game, though not the most educational, if I may say so.

Second interesting game is the Quantum Soccer. The goal of the game is for players to change potential energy surfaces to increase the probability of a quantum mechanical ball to be in the goal. Also the site has a nice text that narrates a story for the game here and the mathematical details here.

Lastly and my favorite is Quantum Minesweeper. Firstly you might want to start with the video tutorial before you play online. he game differs from classical Minesweeper in the following ways:

  • The board is really a quantum superposition of two boards. It is your goal to figure out the superpositions.
  • There are three different kind of measurements that you can do, each one a limited number of times. The measurements are :
  1. Classical measurement - collapse that can trigger a mine probabilistically. Very risky!
  2. Entropy measurement - it indicates if there is a superposition or not, but doesn't tell you if there is a mine or not!
  3. Interaction-free measurements - doesn't collapse the wave function, actually gives you the phase information.

This game is truly fantastic!! A must play.