26-28 September 2013 – University of Illinois at Chicago

Invited Speaker : Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge), Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute), Nick Huggett (UIC), Christian Wüthrich (UCSD), + others to be announced.

Dear colleague (apologies for mass mailing),

Chris Wüthrich and I are organizing a seminar on the foundations of quantum gravity, which will take place at the University of Illinois at Chicago from 26 to 28 September 2013.

The idea of this meeting is to bring together physicists and philosophers of physics interested in the foundations of quantum gravity (primarily canonical approaches and string theory), and to offer various formats such as keynote addresses, seminar-style talks, and sessions with contributed papers and works in progress.

Because the field is new, we are making efforts to make the meeting accessible to graduate students and recent PhDs with research agendas in quantum gravity (we hope to have some travel bursaries to help them attend, even if they do not present). In addition, we are especially keen to attract participation from women and minorities (whether or not junior).

We seek your help (a) to make sure that such people see the call for papers, and (b) to encourage them to submit work or attend.

To that end, please distribute this message to anyone that you think may be interested -- hopefully with appropriate words of encouragement! If you have students or colleagues that you think we should know about, please give us their names, so that we can encourage them too. (Naturally you are also encouraged if the topic falls within your areas of research).

With gratitude,

Nick Huggett (UIC)
Christian Wüthrich (UCSD)

Quantum Gravity Seminar
9/26-28/13 - University of Illinois at Chicago

Email: beyondspacetimeseminar@gmail.com

Website: beyondspacetime.blog.com

The above quoted directly from quantum-foundations mailing list. For more information on it visit the blog.