Researchers from National Institute of Informatics(NII) have published a Web applications to advance the study of the quantum computer in the form of a game 'meQuanics'; previously called as "Qubit - the game". It is basically a puzzle game where the puzzles are represented as circuit of the quantum computer. Each puzzle in meQuanics represents a real quantum algorithm. Even users who do not possess any knowledge of quantum mechanics can contribute to optimizing quantum circuits by solving the puzzles in the game. The stages/levels are divided into different circuits including : Shor, Josza, Bell, Muller and more.

The goal in the game is operating a ship that is loaded with quantum computer. If user can reduce the size of the puzzle that shows a quantum circuit, the speed of the ship is improved.

meQuanics is a project initiated in the Quantum Information Science Theory group (QIST) led by Prof. Kae Nemoto at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Simon Devitt and Prof. Nemoto conceived the idea during their ongoing research into large-scale quantum architecture design.

Currently meQuanics is provided as a Web application called trial version for now, but will be further developed as a fully integrated crowd sourced game for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.

Here are some screenshots :

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EDIT: For those who are curious in Quantum Algorithms visit : The quantum zoo