Participate in PHDays 2018 Online CTF

Starting from May 15 and until May 22, the PHDays 2018 online CTF will be available to play. Everyone is free participate, the challenges vary in difficulty, and seems to be mainly aimed for beginners (although it will be fun for experts) [Read More]
Tags: CTF security

rig – The Random Identity Generator

Nowadays lots of website (especially the free WiFi hotspots around cities and at the airports) require you to sign up using name and legit address, which is not something many would be willing to do. Yet access to the website or service is necessary which means the annoying task of... [Read More]

Having some fun with OS X say

OS X has a pretty fun command say that allows users to ask the system to pronounce words and even sentences from the terminal. It will literally ‘say’ anything that user asks it to. [Read More]
Tags: unix

Arguments from one to another command line

Sometimes it is necessary to pass a part of argument of one command as argument towards next command in the terminal. This can be pretty painful if the output of first command is long or hard to type or you are using VM without possibility to use the good old... [Read More]
Tags: unix